Concept Design

British International College

BritIntColl is a website which aims to help International students understand and prepare for the British Higher Education system. It is primarily a non-profit web-based service organised by a small group of volunteers from UK universities with senior management, lecturing and studying experience.

Design the website with holistic corporate look and build a client-side prototype of the to demonstrate the various functionalities and interactions.

Unregistered visitors should be able to access a list of answers to popular queries and once registered they should be able to request individual consultations.

We started planning the site from the content, so after thinking on an information architecture that would be best for the project we designed a sitemap for it.

Once we had the structure planned, we needed to come up with a design that fitted the content of the site and that would allow users to find information where they expected it to be making every action obvious and automatic.

Something important we had to keep in mind while planning the information architecture of the site was the ability to get to the informations quickly so the main and secondary navigation were designed so that every page on the site could be reached in a maximum of 3 clicks.