Website Redesign


Southampton based internet startup, Dividabill is a utility management service that aims to eliminate the hassle of shared utility bills for students, young professionals and rental agents.

The company was founded by three students straight out of university, and less than a year from its foundation  the company is looking forward to seal more partnerships with service providers and receive more investments. With a new marketing campaign already laid out the company wanted to give a “Wow!” first impression to new users, and asked us to help them achieve it.

Analyse the top 5 direct competitors in the sector and design a website that stands out and is both friendly – for targeted users – and professional – for potential investors.

The website has to be rebuilt from the ground up, this includes: colours arrangement, photos, diagrams, content, “flow”, layout, menu etc.

Re-design the registration and quotation process to make the experience more fluid and intuitive.

Then develop a responsive templates of each page designed for their developer to integrate in the system.

We focused on three areas: User experience, Brand consistency and Mobile accessibility.

We started by analysing the previous web site and talking about what worked and what didn’t, unfortunately we didn’t have any web statistics showing users behaviours so in this stage we based our decisions on standard usability rules and set our main goals for the new web site.

The site-map was reorganised and we made sure that the users could get to any page on the website with a maximum of 1 – 2 clicks making it very easy and fast for the users to find information without at the same time filling the home page with links.

The choice of colours and fonts wasn’t done randomly or based on taste. With a brand style guide at hand we decided on how to use the brand colours for the elements on the page and what font family and font sizes to use for the different heading types and paragraphs to maintain consistency with how the brand will be advertised on other marketing channels.

Plus to make it stand out from the competitors we decided to use a video instead of a static image on the home page that enforces the message, then we selected the other images while the clients team worked on the contents draft.

Once all the content were signed off, we bought the media files and sent it off to the backend developer to integrate with the backend.