Website Redesign

Opportunity China

Southampton based recruitment agency, Opportunity China is the gateway for English teachers, Lecturers and Au Pairs to find exciting and enriching teaching positions in China.

Their website is essential for the business as all the application are submitted through it and it’s the landing point for all marketing campaigns. The previous website was designed just two years ago but has quickly become obsolete and needed a huge revamping to bring it up to the current web standards and make it stand out from the competition.

We want to create awareness about the company and present visitors with high quality information that engages them. Users should be able to download PDF resources and subscribe to the newsletter.

Implement a blog, re-think the calendar of scheduled university presentations and connect website with social media channels.

The website also has a lot of contents and the WordPress panel should be customised to make it easier to manage the content of every single section of the page layouts.

Finally, the website need to be accessible from any device.

Our first step was defining the target audience and the goals of the new website and what it needed to have to meet them.

We didn’t want it to look like every recruitment agency websites so we took a different direction for the design. The potential candidates have never been to china before so we focused on feeding the curiosity of the visitor rather than bombarding them with information as soon as they reached the website.

We took inspiration from websites that were somehow affiliated with china, and came up with a unique layout that served our purpose perfectly.

We designed 13 different page layouts to use for the different sections of the website and created custom options tied to each single page to make it easy to manage every single bit of content.

Images where also an important part of the website but we didn’t want it to look too generic so stock photography was not an option. All of the photos and video used where taken by the company in the various schools around China with the employed teachers.