UI Development


Redmond (USA) based internet startup, OurDeal is a web application to electronically create secure written and legally binding contracts.

The team is mainly formed by four members, of which Charlie (founder of Wastronauts) is the UX Developer.

We are looking to establish a long-term relationship with a UI developer for ongoing work on OurDeal and our other web properties.

In the near-term, the OurDeal UI revamp will take up a significant amount of time. Then there will be ongoing UI development at a slower pace.

Our work involves creating prototypes of the application user interface integrating new functionalities aiming to improve the overall user experience.

In the first iteration of OurDeal we decided to use bootstrap framework and used a template as starting point for the User Interface, which we tweaked to meet the design requirements.

Month after month we kept pushing layout changes and advanced functionalities, and after a year we were ready to implement another main revamp of the application design to accommodate a new range of functionalities within the interface and improve the ones added during the year.

We’ve been contracting the development of the user interface and landing pages for OurDeal since 2013, and we are still very much involved in the month to month iterations.